Saturday Night Banquet at Belle Notte

Beth Anderson Roy peddling raffle tickets at the reunion

TJ hustling tickets too
TJ hustling tickets too

Shirley's art
Shirley Brightman Nelson's watercolor - one of the raffle prizes donated.
Overall,  some $363 was raised from the raffle and  now more than $2000 sits in the bank in preparation for our 50th reunion in 2015.
In the background is Tom Purple and Helen Boguslawski Chappel

Shirley's artistry
George Roy, Shirley Brightman Nelson and Beth Anderson Roy

Carla, Sue, Ronnie
Carla Graveline, Sue Murdock Lutz, and Ronnie Sasseville Burns

ronnie and linda
Ronnie Sasseville Burns and Linda Wolanske

Barb Hoynoski
Barb Hoynoski

Bill Conant
Bill Conant

Paul Schmidt
Paul Schmidt

Belle Notte
The pre-sunset scene at Belle Notte was fitting for a wonderful evening

Beth Roberts Damon and Sue Murdock Lutz chat as the crowd begins to gather

Jim McCarthy
Jim McCarthy and his wife at the munchie table

Jud and Jeff
Jud Duncan and Jeff Burgess

Billy and Sue
Bill McDonald and Sue Mack McDonald

TJ and wife
TJ and Lynn Strahan

Mr and Mrs Lynch
Sunni and Denny Lynch

Carol Stange
Carol Stange Heikkila and her husband

Ken  and wife
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Burdick

Dave Attesi
Dave Attesi

Dinner guests getting prepared for the main course

Charlie and Rosiland Rucci

Gerry May
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry May

Jeff Burgess
Jeff and Andrea Burgess

Trish Newton
Trish Newton and Bob Packard

Chris Forgey
Greenfield's First Mayor - retired Mayor Chris Forgey (Mrs. Herb)

Linda Wolanske verifying the purity of the water pitcher in the background, while Carla Graveline Bernier schmoozes with Pat Chornyak Grisé and Phil Grisé
Fran Yazman
Fran Yestramski

Both Sides Now - Carla, Ronnie and Sue partying at the bar!

Peggy and Helen
Peggy Kingsbury and Helen Boguslawski

Sue Broughan
Sue Broughan

Sue and Ronnie
Sue Broughan and Ronnie Sasseville Burns

Ronnie and Ed Hall
Ronnie Sasseville Burns and Ed Hall caught in the act

Rusty Foote
Judy and Rusty Foote

Tom Purple
Tom Purple

Rose Billiel
Rose Billiel Caouette

Jerry, Al, and Rob
A meeting of the minds between Jerry McCabe, Al Jenest and Rob Pratt

group shot
Sandy Cousino Ackerman, Carolyn Kelley MacDonald, Jud Duncan, Barb Hoynoski and Fran Yestramski

Ronnie and Bill
Lap-time for Ronnie Sasseville Burns and Bill Seretta
Carol and Trish
Carol Stange Heikkila and  Trish Newton

Paula Bennett Parsons
Paula Bennett Parsons

Ken and Sue
Ken Burdick and Sue Murdock Lutz

John Taylor
Bill Seretta with camera and John Taylor with Brenda Hannon

Helen B
Helen Boguslawski Chappell

Herb Forgey

Linda Allen
Linda Allen Hosley

Rosemary Fleming Kaszans

Phil Grisé

Dennis Lynch

Richard Shortell

Ed Hall
Ed Hall
Sally Finn
Sally Finn

Jerry McCabe and Sue Broughan
Jerry McCabe and Sue Broughan

Jim Winn
Mr and Mrs Jim Winn

Luther Massey
Mr and Mrs Luther Massey

Pat Chornyak Grise
Pat Chornyak Grisé

Beth Roberts
Beth Roberts Damon

Rob Pratt
Vickie Brennan and Rob Pratt

George Maniatty and Rose
George Maniatty and Rosemary Fleming Kaszans

Dining Crowd
Lots of animated conversations