The 46th Anniversary Reunion


GHS Class of 1965

October 14-16, 2011

School Sign

Once again, the Class of 1965 was blessed with a somewhat rainy reunion weekend.  Events took place in four segments.

First on the agenda was the Friday Night Football Game -- which was rained out.

The second event, which was slated to be a post-game event, became the main agenda. We gathered at the Elks Club on Hope Street for a Happy HourFran Sirum prepared a vast spread of food for our consumption. It was great and Fran deserves much credit.
Using the secret password - "Fran Sirum invited me", we all got let in.  Members of the Class of 1966 were also having a pre-weekend warm-up for their 45th reunion. Old friends Bob Nylander and George Rau from GHS '64 were also there.

Saturday Morning began with a TJ Strahan  and Rose Billiel Caouette -- coordinated Champagne Bus Tour. We gathered at GHS, touting the facility with a very happy Betty Nee who hosted us.  The bus tour brought us to the completely revamped Greenfield Middle School, where the only 'group photo' for the whole weekend was taken.  About two dozen classmates were on the bus tour.  Following GMS, we cruised downtown, seeing recent development around Bank Row. Our tour was hosted by Greenfield Historian Peter Miller. We stopped by Energy Park - which was once known as the old train station. Plans are underway for cab, bus, light-rail and Amtrack connections to be all housed together in a new facility.  The Bus Tour concluded at Kringle Candle Company recently opened just north of Greenfield on Bernardston Road in Bernardston. Luckily for us, Kringle was hosting a preview of their gourmet restaurant on the afternoon of our visit. We got to sample lots of very fine food, and enjoy the many scent-sations in the candle shop.

Saturday Evening culminated with the trational Banquet Dinner at Belle Notte, also in Bernardston.  More than 100 classmates, spouses and friends were in attendance.  The food was truly fantastic, as was the evening sunset from the hilltop -- with the rain finally stopped.  TJ served as master of ceremony, with introductions made and raffle prizes awarded to lucky ticket holders. Many hours were spent casually visiting with old friends and recollecting good times. Some classmates joined the crowd downstairs at Belle Notte and danced the night away.

Sunday Morning brought many of us to a new venue, Pine Hill Orchards in Colrain. Here, a quaint breakfast restaurant sits high among apple orchards serving wonderful brunches -- always including amazing Apple Cider Donuts. Perhaps two dozen classmates meandered into the facility at one time or another during the late morning hour.... From our looks, you could tell we old folks had been partying the night before.

Click Here for Saturday Night Banquet Photos

Click Here for Sunday Morning Brunch Photos

~~~~~Partying at the Elks Club Friday Night~~~~~

Elks party
Rob Pratt, Pat Chornyak Grisé. TJ Strahan and Rich Shortell

Fran Sirum
Fran Sirum

Sue and Billy
Susan Murdock Lutz and Bill Phelps

Sharyn and Sue
Sharyn Brown Philcox and Sue Mack McDonald

 at The Elks
Ed LaCroix, Deb Bruce Johnson, Patti Capron Rau, Alan Jenest

 ~~~~~ Saturday Morning Bus Tour ~~~~~

Crowd gathering for tour
Rob Pratt talking with TJ Strahan, Jeff Burgess and Rusty Foote

Phil, Rusty and Jerry at bus
Phil Grisé, Rusty Foote and Jerry McCabe cranking it up for the bus tour.

George and Patti Rau
George Rau (GHS '64) and Patti Capron Rau entering GHS

Rusty and Jerry
Rusty Foote and Jerry McCabe enjoying coffee before boarding the bus and hitting the harder stuff

Jerry and Ed LaCroix
Jerry continues the coffee inventory with Ed LaCroix

Rob and Beth
  Fall peeks through behind Vet's Field background as Rob Pratt & Beth Anderson Roy reflect upon old times

carolyn and Shirley
Carolyn Kelley MacDonald and Shirley Brightman Nelson discuss life in general

The classic place for a food fight!
GHS Cafeteria - Great Place for a Food Fight!

boarding the bus
Saturday morning, loading on the bus to get loaded on the bus

TJ Strahan mixing mimosas with Historian Peter Miller in the rear

bus riders
The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

bus riders
Sue Mack McDonald grabs a front row seat - near the "juice"

Beth Anderson Roy give husband George Roy a tour of the hallowed GHS halls

JFK and Jerry McCabe
Jerry McCabe contemplates perhaps his one and only favorite Democrat, John F. Kennedy -
who dedicated the GHS building in 1957

Wall of Honor
Classmates enjoying the GHS hallways. Here's Rob Pratt, Sue Mack McDonald and Shirley Brightman Nelson

Hall of Fame
TJ and Betty Nee outside the GHS Office (where TJ admits being sent many times). In the background are some of the photos of the GHS "Wall of Honor"

Phil and Betty Nee
Phil Grisé and Betty Nee
Patti Capron Rau, Pat Chornyak Grisé and Sharyn Brown Philcox in the 'old' GHS auditorium - which will be totally revamped with the planned GHS rennovations for next year.

wall of fame
Wandering the revamped Middle High hallways

Shirley in autumn
Shirley Brightman Nelson showing off the autumn view outside a Middle School classroom window

middle school
Middle school media center is a high tech facility - Patti Capron, Rusty Foote, Carolyn Kelley MacDonald, Sue Murdock Lutz, and Ed LaCroix

Wandering souls
Wandering souls in a Middle school classroom. Lots of faces but Ed LaCroix and Deb Bruce Johnson are front and center.

group shot
Group shot of bus riders: Top - Ed LaCroix, Rusty Foote; [Peter Miller - historian], Jeff Burgess, Deb Bruce Johnson; Shirley Brightman Nelson, Patti Capron Rau, Jerry McCabe, Rob Pratt; Sharyn Brown Philcox, Carolyn Kelley MacDonald, Susan Murdock Lutz, TJ Strahan; Sue Mack McDonald, Pat Chornyak Grisé, Rosemary Fleming Kaszans, and Phil Grisé

ouside GMS wall
Do you recall this from the outside front wall of the middle school? Neither did we!

Energy Park
Checking out the development at Energy Park - the old railroad station

caboose interior
Discovering breakfast inside the caboose


sign too

old train station
Beautified old train station off Miles Street

Kringle Candle Company
Kringles shoppers Rosemary Fleming Kaszans, Pat Chornyak Grisé and Susan Murdock Lutz

The Kringle Story
The Kringle family story

The Kringle Christmas Shoppe

Mike Kittridge III
Phil Grisé, Pat Chornyak Grisé, Mike Kittridge III, and Susan Murdock Lutz

Cheery Kringle-consumers

Ginny, Terry and Carolyn
Ginny Pulaski, Terry Tucker Levisee, and Carolyn Machaiek Morahan

Weary post-Kringle shoppers taking a rest - Shirley Brightman Nelson, Sue Mack McDonald and Debbie Bruce Johnson

Back on the bus
TJ pours one last round for the trip back to Greenfield

And here's the road and mimosa-weary bus crowd stumbling off the bus

Jeff Burgess   Rosemary
Jeff Burgess                                         Rosemary Fleming Kaszans

Ed laCroix   Sue Murdock
Ed LaCroix                                            Sue Murdock Lutz

Carolyn Kelley MacDonald
Carolyn Kelley MacDonald

Pat Grise   Phil and Donut
Pat Chornyak Grisé                                                   Phil Grisé and donut